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Welcome To Galapagos & Ecuador

Galapagos Natural Life

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We look for the last minute offers for our customers in order to provide the lowest prices for the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Last Minute is available 3 or 2 weeks before the tour. but we have spots available in Galapagos Tours, Galapagos Yachts & Cruises and our program Galapagos Island hopping (Land-based) in all 2019 and 2020 with preferential rates for our customers.

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galapagos last minute cruise

Galapagos Last Minute Deals in the Galapagos Islands are the best and the cheapest option to know the islands. The prices might decrease from 10% up to 40% of the Regular rate (Rack Rate). Sometimes we had had very special rates for our customers, we can get a last minute discount of 50%. Our website Galapagos Natural Life is updated every week so that our customers will benefit from the current information about excellent opportunities to find cheap prices and excellent services for the Galapagos Islands.

We fill our web site with the information about the yachts and catamarans we believe are the most beneficial for our customers in the context and relation of the price and service. All our last minute offers to the islands include the fuel surcharge tax.

In addition, some of our special promotions might include a free night accommodation in our Hostel in Quito as well as a transfer hotel-airport-hotel without an extra charge.

We are an ecuadorian company, that today has about seven years of experience in the Galápagos market, growing day by day in order to find the most economic prices for our customers. Due to this time of experience and our by time grown premium partnerships, we are happy to be able to offer our clients prices up to $ 150, $ 200 or even $ 500 less then the average prices in the market and asked for by other agencies of Galapagos tours.

Furthermore, we are glad to offer you some land based tours or the so called Galapagos Island Hopping, which we can operate at every day of the year with a minimum of at least 2 passengers. This is another exciting option to explore the islands, that takes you to different sights every single day, while you are going to stay in hotels for the night.

Located on the Equator Line, latitude 0°, Ecuador is a country that has a lot to show for tourists. Today there is an excellent tourist infrastructure to provide high quality tourism services to visitors.

Ecuador is known worldwide for its Galapagos Islands "Natural Heritage of Humanity" declared by the UNESCO in 1978. These islands are the major tourist attraction for our country. Moreover, Ecuador is a contrast of colorful landscapes shown by its four natural regions: Coast, Andes, Amazon and  Galapagos.
A small area where you find the charming combination of the natural wealth of jungle, beaches, and mountains.

The  Amazon jungle with 15 different cultural groups, each with its own traditions and language and an incredible adaptation to the environment of the jungle. There you will find yourself within a number of rivers and waterfalls, exotic vegetation with hundreds of delicious tropical fruits aside from a impressive colourfully fauna especially as you are looking out for the tons of birds.

The Coast with its beautiful beaches and warm waters, provides something for everybody. One can spend his time doing sports such as surfing, diving, kayaking, paragliding, sport fishing and a lot more, or if there is the need to, one can find some cosy beachbar or night time activities like dancing or live music at one of the uncountable clubs and restaurants.

The Andes instead, go from the northern andes  to the central andes, also known as the volcanoes avenue. There are volcanoes  like the Cotopaxi which is one of the highest and active volcanos of the Earth or the Chimborazo which is the highest mountain of Ecuador.

The Galapagos archepelago is located around 960 km from the ecuadorian coast. It offers a great oportunity to experience the unique wild life and the wonderful landscapes.

Now, you just have to pick the option you like the most and you will see all necessary information either about each yacht and catamaran or if so about Island Hopping or Jungle Tours. Furthermore, if you want additional information or feel a need to specify something, please feel free to write ous an E-mail or call our phone numbers. In urgent cases you can even reach us on our Emergency Whatsapp numbers.

We are a direct tour operator in the Galapagos Island; we find the last minute deals for our costumer, only send us one mail and Galapagos Islands are getting a big step closer to you....

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