Quilotoa Daily Tour

Quilotoa Daily Tour

Quilotoa Daiky Tour

Cotopaxi Tour

Cotopaxi Tour





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Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Otavalo y Mindo


5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS (Departures On Wednesday)



Tour begins at 7:00 am, for the rest of the activities the time is approximate. And it could change while the tour is developing.
At 7:00. The tour begins in the area of Plaza Foch. We are going to travel approximately for 1 and a half or 2 hours approximately.
At 9:00. The first technical stop is going to be on the entrance of the National Park, because we have to pay the fee. Also, if you want, you might buy some handicrafts on the small market, the products that you will find are made by the people of the near communities. This is the last opportunity for having a pair of gloves and cap of wool for being warm.
At 9:30. We are going to visit the Interpretation Center “Mariscal Sucre”. Inside it, we are going to have an explanation about different aspects of the National Park (history, animals, plants, others).
At 10:30. We are going to arrive at a big esplanade of the park. It is a good moment to take pictures and see the landscape.
At 11:30. We are going to be on the parking lot. We need to take the appropriate clothes and water for beginning to climb. We are going to walk for approximately 40 minutes (it depends of your fitness)
At 12:00. We have a deserved rest on the refuge (José Rivas). After a moment, the people who want to arrive until the glacier we have to walk for 25 minutes more. And also if the weather conditions are good, you are going to have a beautiful view of the mountains and the landscapes. After that, we return to the refuge, for having the box lunch. It is an excellent moment, for sharing experiences with friends, while you are drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
At 14:00. We continue our tour, now we have to come back to the parking lot, and take the bikes to go downhill until the Limpiopungo Lake.
At 15:00. We are on the parking lot. Take the bikes and enjoy the trip. It could be for 40 minutes (it depends of your hability).
At 16:30. Arrive to the Limpiopungo Lake. We have a moment for resting and walking. After we will go the Hotel near to the Cotopaxi Volcano
At 17:30. Arrive to the Hotel



At 7:00 Breakfast
At 8:30. Pick Up in the Hotel. We are going to travel from Cotopaxi National Park to Quilotoa Lake. During the travel we are going to visit different places. Like Saquisilí, Las Cruces community and Quilotoa community.
At 9:00. We have the first technical bus stop, on Saquisilí town. There, you are going to visit the different popular markets of the town.
At the first market, people of the community go there, for selling animals, such as: “Llamas”, pigs, cows, sheep, lambs.
In the second market you are going to observe how the people sell their small animals, like: chicken, “cuy” (guinea pig), rabbits. And also you might observe the different kinds of products for consume of themselves. There, you might observe products, for example: onion, potatoes, tomato, green / red pepper, “mellocos”, and others. Also, you can see different products on the section of the “mercado de pulgas”, where you can find products of second use, with good prices.
On the third market, you are going to find three sections: 
First: handicrafts products artisanal, like: clothes made with wool,
Second: That is the section of food, you are going to see the different kind of typical food of the zone.
Third: you are going to see, products like grains, flour of different kind of grains, between others.
We have the departure to “Las Cruces” Community; we are going to be there in approximately 1 hour. You might observe their typical clothes and also you can come in inside their house. But the most important thing, is that you are going to be with them in a typical indigenous house made of straw. Sharing with them a few moments talking, watching and learning from them, how is their life, and how they prepare the earth for to sow if you want experiment another kind of tourism It is your opportunity.
We will go to the Quilotoa Lake. We are going to pass for Zumbahua community, and finally we are going to arrive to the Quilotoa community, before we go to the lake. We are going to have the lunch. (You might choose one of the three options: llama, chicken, vegetarian food). 
At 13:30. Now, we continue with our travel, the time for arriving to the lake is approximately 50 minutes (It depends of your fitness). At begging of the down, you are going to have a wonderful view of the lake with a turquoise color. It´s a good moment for taking pictures, after that, we continue following the pad.
When you arrive to the bottom you are going to have moments for walking, near to the water. Also, you are going to smell the minerals which are mixed with the water. If you want, you might rent to the people of the community some small boats for navigating in the lake.
At 14:30. We need continue with our trip, but now we are going to the top, in mules or donkeys. The time for doing it is approximately 40 min. When you arrive to the top, you might buy some handicrafts on artisanal market, of the community. Then, we come back to Quito.
At 19:00. We arrive to Quito to the Hotel.



At 06:00 Breakfast

At 07:00 Our Tour begins in the area of Plaza Foch. Mindo is a beautiful valley located 2 hours northwest of Quito, behind the Pacific slopes of the Pichincha volcano. This place has a lot of nature and adventure activities. We offer a good mixture of both to give you the best experience.
At 09:00 once you arrive in Mindo´s cloud forest will visit a Butterfly farm and Hummingbird feeders, don´t forget your camera.
At 11:00 The adventure continues with the Canopying with 13 zip lines of different lengths that range from 20 to 400 mts and with different characteristics for all adventure seekers of all ages. If you prefer a another activity, we also have another option of trekking across the cloud forest to visit a waterfall and a ride in a “Tarabita”(Cable tram).
At 13:30 After all these exciting activities will break for lunch. Afterwards will leave Mindo towards Quito but first will visit another special spot to view hummingbirds, butterflies and possibility we can spot some Tanagers and Toucans.
At 15:30 Come back to Quito
At 18:00 Arrive to Quito to the Hotel



At 06:00 Breakfast
At 07:00 Our Tour begins in the area of Plaza Foch. We go to Otavalo. Driving north of Quito is the most famous indigenous market of Ecuador: Otavalo, full of traditions and handcrafts. Before arriving to this magic place, you will visit Calderon, a small town famous for “Mazapan” handicrafts.
Following the route is Cayambe, the perfect place to see how people prepare biscuits using a traditional technique.
Next stop will be a view point to enjoy the landscape of Imbabura volcano (4610 mts.) and San Pablo lagoon.
Your next and most anxious spot will be Otavalo market, where you will spend time shopping and some quality time with your friends. You will fall in love with all variety of handicrafts.
Then you will go to Cotacachi to have a delicious lunch.
Explore the leather local workshops for a great landscape ending at Cuicocha´s view point.
At 15:30 Come back to Quito
At 18:00 Arrive to Quito to the Hotel



At 06:00 Breakfast

At 07:00 Transfer to Aiport



First Class
Tourist Superior Class
Tourist Class
Economic Class
1 Passanger
2 Passangers
4 or more Passangers



  • Warm clothes
  • Gloves / cap of wool
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking shoes or boats
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Water
  • Candies or chocolate
  • Extra snaks
  • Camera


  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Lunch
  • Box lunch

Not includes:

    • Extra meals or drinks
    • Tips









Quito - Ecuador - South America


Photos: Galapagos Natural Life / Fabricio Cuasapaz


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