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Galapagos Natural Life


Which are the responsabilities of Galapagos Natural Life?


GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE S.A., and its affiliates (owners, employees, agents) act only as agents in matters of transportation, accommodations, travel services and shall not be liable for any injury, damage, delay, mishap, inconvenience, accidents or irregularity of any kind whatsoever, resulting entirely or in part for the default of any company or individual engaged in providing the arranged services. GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE, and its agents are not liable for loses or additional expenses due to changes or unforeseen delays caused by weather, acts of god, theft, strikes, sickness, war, failure of flight or other transportation to arrive or depart on time and other causes beyond our control. All such loses or expenses will be borne by the passenger as tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated. GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE assumes not responsibilities for loss or damage to baggage or personal property. On departure upon his/her travel, the passenger voluntarily assumes all risks involved with such travel, and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them. GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE., reserves the right to alter the itinerary when deemed necessary for the well being of the passenger, and is agreed that no refunds will be given in such circumstances. On some expeditions it is not possible to accommodate persons with severe health problems or physical disabilities, which involve walking or other activities. It is the passenger responsibility to judge the appropriateness of these travel activities to their physical capabilities. No refund can be made for absence from the tour unless arrangements are made at the time of booking.
The retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above and the agreement on the part of the passenger to convey the contents here to travel companions or group members.

GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE  S.A., y sus afiliados (propietarios, empleados, agentes) actúan únicamente como agentes en lo que se refiere a transporte acomodación y servicios de viaje. Y su responsabilidad está limitada a los términos de los contratos de boletos aéreos, de alojamiento, hoteles, etc. No son responsables por cualquier daño. Inconveniente, gasto por accidentes o percance de cualquier tipo que resulte enteramente o en parte por causa de negligencia de otros o causas fuera de control. No aceptaran responsabilidades por perdidas o gastos adicionales debido a retrasos o cambios de vuelo, o por enfermedades, clima, guerra, paros o otras causas fuera de nuestro control, toda perdida o gasto será asumida por el pasajero. GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE, no asume la responsabilidad por pérdida o daño al equipaje o a las pertenencias personales. Al momento de aceptar el viaje, el pasajero asume todos los riesgos que este viaje envuelve y se le avisa para obtener cualquier seguro que lo cubra contra ellos. GALAPAGOS NATURAL LIFE, se reserva el derecho para alterar el itinerario cuando se considere necesario para el bienestar del pasajero, y se acuerda que ninguna devolución será hecha en tales circunstancias. En algunas expediciones no es posible acomodar personas con problemas severos de salud o discapacidades físicas las cuales envuelven caminatas u otras actividades. Es responsabilidad del pasajero juzgar la propiedad de las actividades de este viaje a sus capacidades físicas. Ninguna devolución será hecha por faltar al tour a menos que algún arreglo haya sido hecho al momento de reservar.

Galapagos Natural Life will act as an intermediary in negotiating refunds with the operator on behalf of you, the client. In no case can Galapagos Natural Life guarantee a successful response or refund from the operator.
Galapagos Natural Life will not be responsible for giving refunds in any of the following situations:

  • Changes to itinerary before or after departure.
  • Mechanical issues affecting any form of transport on the trip.
  • Substitution of facilities or personnel.
  • Late arrival or no-show of you, the client.
  • Your decision to leave the tour early or miss any activities/meals/accommodations/services during the tour.
  • The client travelling without necessary documentation including passport, visas, immigration papers or vaccination certificates.
  • Price differences paid by different passengers aboard the same tour including special last minute rates.
  • Decisions by any third party that affect the normal running of the tour including by the operator, Ecuadorian government or National park authority.
  • Any other circumstances on your tour arising beyond the control of Galapagos Natural Life.


Skype: galapagosnatural
Address: Joaquín Pinto e8-64 and 6 December Av. "La Mariscal"
Quito-Ecuador-South America
(593) 2 2520-575
(593) 2 2564-945
(593) 9 8457-9397


Photos: Galapagos Natural Life / Fabricio Cuasapaz(right)



Enjoy Ecuador with Galapagos Natural Life

FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
FAQ - Galapagos Last Minute
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