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Galapagos Natural Life

First Class - Yachts Galapagos


Odyssey Yacht Galapagos


Day 1 – Thursday

Arrival at Baltra Airport & Charles Darwin Research Station

After the arriving obligations the airport shuttle will transfer you to the ferry across the Itabaca Channel. On Santa Cruz you continue by bus through the lush highlands to the harbour of Puerto Ayora. Our inflatable dinghies bring you the last stretch to the yacht.
On the outskirts of Puerto Ayora you will visit the shared area of the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) and the headquarters of the Galapagos National Park Service in the afternoon. From here the indispensable conservation management and biological research of this unique archipelago and its surrounding waters are directed. This complex houses a bunch of interpretation and information centers about the National Park and the Galapagos Marine Reserve around.

Day 2 – Friday

Whitetip reef shark channel & Sierra Negra & Arnaldo Tupiza Tortoise Breeding Center (Isabela)

Marine life gets trapped in this antural channel, including even spectacular whitetip reef sharks. On this unique place you can observe them comfortably from the bank in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Sometimes turtles and elegant white-spotted eagle rays or golden rays glide back and forth through this calm channel, as well as smaller fish and Galapagos sea lions.
Sierra Negra is the 3rd highest volcano of Isabela and the 5th highest of Galapagos (1124 m / 3687 ft). It erupted 7 times in the 20th century, and last time in October 2005. It is the only major volcano of Isabela whose crater regions are actually opened to tourism. A mysterious half-day hike through the cloud forests takes you to a viewpoint at the rim, offering the opportunity of fantastic sights into the impressive caldera.
For the afternoon you are lead to the breeding center Arnaldo Tupiza, where you can see hundreds of giant galapagos trotoises of all sizes. This project is created to rescue the endangered populations that live on five different locations on both southernmost volcanoes of Isabela. One thing becomes clear on your visit: it’s hard work to save these creatures from extinction by reproduction in captivity and repopulation, but the good news is that these important programs are successful and so far have saved several species for extinction.
Afterwards the white sand beach of Puerto Villamil is your last station for this day. You are able to end this day next to some marine iguanas and Sally lightfoot crabs in the larges coastal lagoon of Galapagos.

Day 3 – Saturday

Moreno Point and Marielas Islets & Elizabeth Bay (Isabela)

Moreno Point tells you the intriguing story how the famous lunatic lava fields of Sullivan Bay (Santiago) could develop in future, when parts of the crust break and fall into the undermining lava tunnels. Pits and holes close to the coast gradually fill-up with seawater. Fringes of reed, sea grass and mangrove bushes surround the picturesque lagoons that have been transformed in lush oases.
Although there is no landing point, the marine visitor’s site of Elizabeth Bay offers actually two in one. You will undertake a prolonged ride by inflatable dinghy that combines a visit to the Marielas Islets in the mouth of the bay, with the mangles in its innermost heart. The Marielas islets are an excellent place to spot marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins, which prefer places in the front row at the base of the cliffs.
Next the inflatable dinghy will turn landwards, leaving the surf behind and enter the calm estuary of Elizabeth Bay through a quite narrow entrance. Whilst exploring the lagoons and shallow creeks, the outboard engine is turned off, so that you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Graceful Pacific green turtles swim in slow motion around, sometimes popping-up their heads for breathing.

Day 4 – Sunday

Espinoza Point (Fernandina) & Tagus Cove (Isabela)

Fernandina, located right above the Galapagos hotspot in the farthest west of the archipelago, is still under construction. It is estimated that between 60.000 and 400.000 years ago the top of this underwater shield volcano rose above sea level, which makes it the youngest of the main islands. Fernandina harbours one of the worlds most virgin, untouched ecosystems, and is therefore very well protected.
Right on the eastern shore of the Bolivar Channel are two tuff cones containing ultra saline crater lakes: Tagus Cove and Beagle Crater. Both present spectacular layered cliffs at their sea faces, providing plenty nesting places for sea and coastal birds. From the inflatable dinghy you can observe marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins and storm petrels.

Day 5 – Monday

Espumilla Beach & Puerto Egas (Santiago)

Espumilla Beach is a visitor’s site at the northern end of James Bay, on the western coast of Santiago. This beach has revived as an important breeding site for turtles as well as a place for american falmingos.
Puerto Egas is the southernmost pearl in the necklace of visitors sites along James Bay. Santiago and its surrounding islets stand out by their spectacular and unique volcanic and coastal landscapes, and Puerto Egas is no exception. The masterly sculptured coastline of black basalts, polished multi-coloured ash-layers, collapsed lava tunnels, natural arches, caves and blowholes such as ‘Darwin’s toilet’ and tidal pools form again very photogenic scenery.

Day 6 – Tuesday

Lobos Islet & Transfer to San Cristobal Airport

You get to see a colony of Galapagos sea lions at Lobos Islet. As in other colonies in the archipelago you can approach nurturing females within a few meters. In the breeding season this colony is also visited by very territorial males, defending and mating the harem on their part of the beach.
Assisted by the guide and some crew-members the dinghy will bring you and your luggage to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where we board a private bus to the airport. Your guide will accompany you to the check-in counters in the departure hall. We expect that you will return home with stunning pictures and unforgettable memories for life.


Rate includes:
• All meals (breakfast - lunch - dinner) water with meals.
• Accommodation in double cabins.
• Transfers from the airport to the yacht and vice versa in Galapagos.
• Excursions in the islands with English Speaking Naturalist Guide.
Air ticket


Rate does not include:
• Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee: USD 100.00 per person
• Migratory Control Card: USD 20.00 per person
• Ecogal Tax: USD 10.00 per person
• Soft drinks and alcoholics beverages.
• Snorkelling equipment for rent on board.
• Tips.


• Rates per person in U.S. Dollars
• Single occupancy supplement 80% or 100%

• The route of the ship and the itinerary are subject to change and can vary depending on the regulations and policies of the Galapagos National Park, weather, seasonal changes, safety, etc.

Quito - Ecuador - South America


Enjoy Ecuador with Galapagos Natural Life

Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
Odyssey Yacht Galapagos
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