Quito City Tour

Quito City Tour



Quito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial Monument

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Mitad del Mundo


This fantastic tour begins visiting the Quito's down town, a fabulous place full of history, art, culture, color, aromas, flavors, landscapes and places of the ancient city. We will take as first point to visit the towers of the highest neo-Gothic church in Latin America, the imposing Basilica del Voto Nacional, later we will cross the colonial zone by the Calle de las 7 Cruces, which reflects the Catholic-Spanish city founded on Inca territory.

We will visit the Plaza Grande, the perfect place to tell the story of Quito, from its foundation, independence and up to the present; we can appreciate the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archiepiscopal, Municipal and Government Palaces. We will continue and visit the Compañía de Jesús Church, the highest representative of baroque art in Latin America. We will continue by the San Francisco Church where the original apocalyptic virgin is, the same one represented in a monument of 41 meters in the summit of Panecillo hill, which we will also visit being a spectacular viewpoint of the whole city.

For lunch, we will be part of a Show Cooking, that is, in a prestigious restaurant in the Historic Center or in the Middle of the World we can witness and help prepare a traditional dish of Ecuador with the guidance of a professional chef.

If there is time, if the weather is favorable and the energy of the people is active. As optional it is the visit in Cable car to the viewpoint of the Pichincha Volcano, we will ascend from 2810 to 4050 masl, where we will be able to appreciate the best panoramic view that you can have of Quito and its surroundings, if you like the landscape photographs this is the perfect place .

We will continue our route to the Intiñan Museum north of Quito to learn the very origins of the name of our city Quito and our country Ecuador. And you could stand on the equinoctial line with one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere. We will continue this breathtaking journey to the edge of the active Pululahua volcano, where interestingly people live inside the sleeping crater.

We will return to Quito with the satisfaction of having had a unique experience where it combines the Andean culture, the beautiful geography and the interesting history of this millenary city.


  • Warm clothes
  • Gloves / cap of wool
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking shoes or boats
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Water
  • Candies or chocolate
  • Extra snaks
  • Camera


  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Expenses not described

Not includes:

    • Entrance to churches
    • Intiñan or Ethnographic Museum entrance
    • Tips


Information about each places to visit


Quito is the capital city of Republic of Ecuador, tucked deep within a valley protected by giant Andean volcanoes at  9,350 feet above sea level. Where you will enjoy its diversity of landscapes, aromas, flavors, culture and history.

La Mariscal  Neighborhood

It´s a place for cattle grazing and agriculture, became a country-house and a horse-racing track. It then turned into a commercial hub, and with that came tourism, the first large-scale hotels, and the nightclubs and wall-to-wall bars and entertainment we find today.

Down Town

Quito’s spectacular old town extends over 790 acres The largest Historic Center in the Americas,  is the prime reasons why UNESCO declared Quito the first World Heritage Site in 1978.

Basilica of the National Vow

It is the largest neo-Gothic church in Latin America, its most important characteristic of its facade, are the gargoyles, which maintain a direct relationship with its design. It is also a strategic viewpoint of the Historic Center and the North of the city.

Plaza Grande

The beautiful Plaza de Independencia, the heart of the old town, is walled by the four pillars of society: the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Municipal Palace. The square guards the secrets and legends of the city, witness to the chronicles of Quito.

Carondetet Palace

It’s the Government Palace, residence and official workplace of the Republic of Ecuador President. This infrastructure was built during the nineteenth century by Baron de Carondelet, he was the President of the “Real Audiencia de Quito”, hence its name.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Considered the oldest Cathedral in South America and one of Spanish America’s oldest temples, its walls and domes have witnessed some of the most important events throughout Quito’s history.

Compañía de Jesús Church

La Compañía de Jesús is dazzling. It’s considered the most important religious colonial building left by the Spanish in Quito. Its extraordinary Baroque facade is a carved in Andean volcanic rock, an architectural gem excessively with 7 tons of smothered in gold-leaf inside.

San Francisco Church

San Francisco, as building work, has a rich history that includes the popular thinking. There is an interesting legend with Cantuña. He was responsible for the building of the temple court, but the time was short and it seems so hard finishing on time. So, he made a deal with the Devil.

Panecillo hill

The hill which overlooks the Old Town, topped by a huge winged aluminium Virgin. This is the city’s guardian and protector, the Virgin of Quito, crushing the serpent beneath her feet from the hill known as the Panecillo, or Little Loaf of Bread, in Spanish.

Intiñan Museum

Intiñán or Path of the Sun  is a small museum, an unique interpretation center of ethnographic, cosmological and astronomical interest. The Equator apparently crosses the place more accurately than at the actual Mitad del Mundo monument.

Pululahua Volcano

It is one of the few craters in the world where people live, a magical environment is a natural sanctuary for an important floral and faunal community, where a small population has also found fertile land for agriculture.



Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument

Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument

Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument

Quito City Equatorial Monument

Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument

Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument



Quito - Ecuador - South America


Photos: Galapagos Natural Life / Fabricio Cuasapaz


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Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument
Quito City Tour Equatorial Monument
Quito Tour
Quito City
Quito city
Quito Museum
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Ronda street
Equatorial Monument
Equatorial Monument
Mitad del Mundo
Quito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial MonumentQuito City Tour Equatorial Monument
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